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  • Where do your flowers come from?
    Sonoma County first! The majority of our flowers are sourced from Point West Flower Market located in Rohnert Park. They support local farms first and we appreciate that very much.
  • How long will the arrangement last?
    This all depends on the environment that they are kept. Check water level daily, top off, trim ends when water is replaced. Keep flowers in the coolest part of your space whenever possible. Remove any flowers that are past their prime, this will give the rest of the flowers more room to expand.
  • Is there anything that should not be done?
    Yes! Never place flowers near fresh fruit or cigarette smoke as both produce ethylene gas which will shorten flower life Never place flowers in direct sunlight, near heat, ceiling, or floor fans, or near any other source of excessive heat
  • Where does SoCo In Bloom deliver?
    All over Sonoma County with advanced notice. We can usually accommodate your need for a fresh flower delivery within 12-72 hours.
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